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Coin, which has always occupied an important position in history, is a kind of object representative in the history of the development of money, but also a witness of history. With the development of The Times, COINS not only reflect the accumulation of wisdom of the Chinese people, but also reflect the human history and economic culture of each era.


In recent years, the collection circle of China is surging, a lot of collections appreciate greatly, and among them appreciate the fastest, appreciate one of the biggest variety is coin, and ancient coin collection army is also growing. The yuanbao of guangxu dynasty is a coin boutique that has been highly sought after since modern times, and it is the favorite in coin collection.



Guangxu yuan bao was the first currency with large denomination in circulation during the reign of emperor guangxu of the qing dynasty. Zhang zhidong, governor of hubei province and guangdong province, was the first to introduce the British coinage machine to cast silver and copper yuan. A total of 19 provincial bureau casting, in addition to the central department, local provinces cast copper yuan, are engraved on the front edge of the name of the province, for the present also contains a certain historical significance.


此枚铜元为广东省造光绪元宝铜元,含铜95%,正面中央珠圈内镌“光绪元宝”四个字,上环为“广东省造”,下方是币值“每元当制钱十文”,中间为满文“宝广”;背面外上环是“KWANG-TUNG”,下环是币值“TEN CASH”。中心是腾龙图,腾龙纹路清晰,惟妙惟肖,眼睛炯炯有神,栩栩如生,形似腾跃之际,身姿遒劲有力,龙爪张扬,龙身盘踞太阳,并有云海衬托,煜煜生辉,尽显皇家威风大气。铜币铸字清晰,图案表面均依势圆润凸起、错落有致,包浆醇厚,流通痕迹自然,美得动人心魄。

This copper coin is made in Guangdong Province. It contains 95% copper. On the front, the central bead is engraved with "Guangxu Yuanbao", the upper ring is "made in Guangdong Province", the lower part is "ten Wen per yuan", and the middle part is "Baoguang" in Manchu. The outer upper ring on the back is "Kwang-tung" and the lower ring is "ten cash". In the center is the picture of flying dragon. Its lines are clear and lifelike. Its eyes are bright and vivid. It looks like a leap. Its body is powerful and powerful. Its claws are open. Its body is perched on the sun and is set off by clouds. It is full of royal majesty. The copper coins have clear lettering, smooth and well-rounded patterns on the surface, thick coating, natural circulation traces and breathtaking beauty.


The coin also has two important points: one is that almost every painting and ornamentation of the coin adds a note that has hitherto been difficult to imitate. The second is the back of the dragon longan there are two clear eyes inside the dragon, is simply the most excellent dragon relief works. Has the extremely high ornamental value, the collection value.



In the qing dynasty, silver COINS, banknotes and copper COINS were issued in parallel. In the reign of emperor jiaqing, new silver COINS were issued, while in the reign of emperor guangxu, more gold COINS and silver COINS were minted and fewer copper COINS were minted. The westernization movement also affected the coinage industry. In the thirteenth year of the reign of emperor guangxu (1887), zhang zhidong, governor of guangdong province and guangdong province, entrusted British ministers to order a complete set of coin machines in the United Kingdom, and first cast silver and copper yuan in the money bureau of guangdong province. Later, the provinces followed suit and bought silver and copper yuan from foreign machines. The front of the coin rarely shows the fusion of manchu and han culture, while the back of the coin clearly marks the intervention of western culture.



In recent years, the market of ancient COINS has been leading the way, which has been highly sought after by coin lovers. Ancient COINS is the real currency history, is an important part of the history of a country, in terms of its specific s, it not only represents the era of Chinese history of monetary culture various vicissitudes of life evolution, also reflects the historical, political, and economic prosperity and the rise and fall, in this respect, it has a high ornamental value and textual research value of cultural relics.



On the other hand, this copper coin is in good condition and non-renewable. It is exquisitely carved, and its content is very thought-provoking. In addition, for thousands of years, the dragon has penetrated into all aspects of Chinese society and become a kind of cultural cohesion and accumulation, which makes the copper yuan more valuable for its preservation and appreciation. Therefore, the value of its art collection cannot be estimated.




此件藏品现在展卖于艺品在线商城平台中,据持宝人介绍说,这件古钱币是祖上传下来的。曾让专家老师鉴定过,绝世精品。在本公司得知其有这件罕见珍品,特邀其持这件古钱币参加,现持宝人因资金周转困难原因。忍痛割爱愿将此件古钱币委托本公司代其通过网络媒体进行寻找买家。如对此藏品有兴趣收藏者,可拨打企业联系电话:400 686 3616进行洽谈。

The collection is now on sale in the art online mall platform. According to the treasure holder, this ancient coin was handed down by ancestors. It has been appraised by experts and teachers, and it is a masterpiece. We learned that he had this rare treasure and invited him to take part in it. Now the holder of the treasure has difficulty in capital turnover. We are willing to entrust this ancient coin to our company to find a buyer through network media on its behalf. If you are interested in this collection, you can call the enterprise contact number: 400 686 3616 for discussion.

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